The system has had a minimum of testing.

Browser Tests

The site has been viewed in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Konqueror, Safari and Opera.

The menu rendering in Opera looks different but workable. Other browsers render the site roughly as Firefox does.

JUnit Tests

The creation of Users is tested:

  1. Results
  2. Source
  3. Coverage

The servlets are not automatically tested, but their building blocks and the data access layer are tested in the standard Melati tests .

Functional (Acceptance) tests

These tests are intended to demonstrate the agreed functionality and to check that all works as intended.

Functionality Test Link
Home page displays

Check that navigation renders correctly.

Note that URLS are natural language and so usable by Google.

Numeric url displays

Whilst these are available they are not used as they are not meaningful to Google.

Note that navigation urls do not change simultaneously.

Editting what you see

Pages can be editted using the link at bottom of the page and that the link text is in the appropriate language. Note that the url action remains in English.

Divs can be editted by clicking on the title.

Images can be editted by clicking on them.

Valid pages

The pages are tested to be xhtml compliant using the W3C validator, as is the style sheet. (IE specific hacks are done in the page header).

Click on the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Accessible version available for printing and non-screen access.

Note the text only link at the bottom left is internationalised, as is the portal link.

Sales, News and Thankyou pages are pages.

Note that both Sales, News and Thankyou pages have entries in the page table, as do all other pages.

Sales, News and thankyou pages have Divs.

Note that both thankyou divs have empty content.

Sales page allows selection of products.

Check that all products display.

Note that all table headings and other text can be changed using the Admin system.

Note that total price is calculated on screen.

News and Sales pages allow User registration.

Check that all User fields have inputs.

Note that input labels and field titles come from the database.

Note that required fields are indicated.

Field validation errors are given.

Note that a thankyou page is displayed on submittal.

Thankyou page

Check that a copy is sent to the News Admin and/or the Sales Admin email adress as set in the setting table .

Note that a message is given if the user does not select any products on the sales page and opts not to subscribe to the newsletter.

Note that if a user attempts to register twice with the same username an error is displayed.