The following steps should get a local copy of WVM working for you.


Install a CVS client such as TortoiseCVS .

Install the JDK from Sun or JVM supplier of choice.

Install Maven from .


Open a command shell and change directory to /dist or C:\Dist . This is to ensure the hardcoded paths to the database work correctly.

Then download using maven:

cd C:\dist
mvn -Dpassword=password -DcheckoutDirectory=wvm scm:checkout

This will create a directory called wvm containing the whole project.

Generate project website

To install and generate the site documentation:

cd wvm
mvn clean install site

That's it!

Developing locally

To modify the database locally

cd wvm-webapp
mvn jetty:run

You should now get a response at http://localhost:8080/ which should provide a link to the site and to the Admin System.

You can combine the two into a single command:

mvn clean install site ; mvn -f wvm-webapp/pom.xml jetty:run

When finished close Jetty with Ctrl C , this will write out the database in SQL in the db directory. This can then be committed.

Changes to templates may require a restart of jetty.